About Us

About the Company

Full Code Medical (formerly Minerva Medical Simulation) was founded in Boston in 2016.  We released Full Code in 2017 and today our flagship product is used in 225 countries by medical schools, hospitals, individual students and professionals.

Mission & Approach

Our mission is to make simulation a daily practice for medical learners and professionals around the world.

Our approach is to build the largest and highest-quality library of clinical scenarios—and to make them accessible in a format that reaches the widest possible audience.  With over 2 million cases played on our mobile app and website, we continue to grow our platform with cases and capabilities that are expanding our impact on the medical community.

Our simulations support the concept of “high frequency, low-dose learning” and the development of expertise in clinical decision-making using iterative cognitive skills training consistent with K. Anders Ericsson’s principle of deliberate practice.  Designed by medical educators with decades of experience, the Full Code virtual simulation environment measures individual competence in a highly granular way to enable cognitive skills development anytime, anywhere. 


Michael McLinn

President, Chief Technical Officer, Co-founder

Michael has been building software for 28 years since age 14 and started writing code professionally at age 19 while still in school.  After an initial stint in aerospace simulation and another in financial trading systems, he started building software for doctors and never looked back.  When the iPhone changed everything, Michael quickly retooled and his first “mobile” project was building American Well’s iPhone app.  He later built CareCloud’s mobile app, and a few others in-between.  During a short time as a freelancer he helped build a first-generation medical simulation app and was struck by the dire need for easy-to-use medical simulation.  He holds a BS in Computer Science from Northeastern University.

J. Kimo Takayesu

Chief Medical Officer, Co-founder

Dr. Kimo Takayesu is a decorated ER physician who has devoted his career to medical education.  Currently practicing at Massachusetts General Hospital, Kimo is also Director of the Medical Education Fellowship for the Harvard-Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency (HAEMR) program at Mass General Brigham and serves as Department Simulation Officer for Emergency Medicine.  Kimo designed HAEMR’s first integrated simulation curriculum in 2004, and has designed numerous simulation-based training curricula and competency assessment tools since that time.  Kimo became a Medical Education Research Scholar  for the national Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine (CORD) in 2013.  Dr. Takayesu holds an MD from the University of California, San Francisco, an MS in Health and Medical Sciences Education from UC Berkeley, and a BS from Brown University.


The Full Code Medical team is made up of with a wide range of physician-educators, software engineers, artists, and business people.  The company’s roots are in Boston, but the team is fully remote and we’re always interested in hearing from highly motivated, capable individuals who share our passion for medical simulation.   

Clinical Team

Our clinical team is made up of doctors around the world, with areas of expertise across multiple specialties including emergency medicine, internal medicine, OBGYN, ENT, toxicology, pharmacy, and more. 

Clinical Leadership

Our clinical leadership team is made up of Harvard-educated emergency medicine physicians.

Joshua Feblowitz, MD, MS​

Director of Content

Kriti Bhatia, MD​

Director of Education

J. Kimo Takayesu, MD, MS​

Chief Medical Officer, Co-founder​

Case Authors

All Full Code cases are designed using Full Code Creator by certified medical professionals. 

Bryan Hayes, Pharm.D.

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Harvard Medical School

Attending Pharmacist
Massachusetts General Hospital

Sezelle Gereau, MD

Integrative Otolaryngologist
Sezelle Gereau INC

David Peak, MD​

Partners HealthCare at Home

Beth England, MD

Attending Emergency Physician
Queen's Medical Center Honolulu

Jeffrey Siegelman, MD​

Assistant Residency Director (EM), Assistant Professor (EM)
Emory University

Jordan Beau, MD​

Emergency Medicine Physician
Emory University Hospital

Rafael Coelho, MD​


Carrie Johnson, MD​